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Signs of Light

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

I’ve been struggling to find a way to express myself creatively through lockdown, I’ve been trying to think how I could interpret my lockdown feeling through a set of images.

I’ve got a little Aloe Vera plant near my front window and for the last few days I’ve just been watching how the light hits this area of my house. I decided to get my polaroid out and shoot a sketch image that I could stick directly into my notebook (I no longer need to do this now that I’ve gone digital with my notebook!) and as always I also shot a sketch shot on my iPhone.

When I looked back on this sketch shot I realised that light and dark seemed fitting to photograph but how could I express my emotions through this?

I decided to get my camera and just start shooting the light and the shadows, I put my point of focus on the actual light and not on the object. I then carried on photographing a stone in the light but neither of these things where truly fulfilling me creatively. I didn’t want to just shoot objects around the house as the project wasn’t about that, it was about the light coming into the house and the shadows it left behind.

I started to look for other shadows around the house and right at my feet I came across all these great shadows on the floor, so I got to work and started shooting. I could feel myself getting excited about the shapes I was capturing, but something was still amiss for me. When I looked back at the images, they just looked like shadows on a carpet and I wasn’t capturing what my imagination saw! I decided to switch my lens over to manual and started to blur the work I was creating and then that completely happy place that I go to when I’m being creative came over me, you know the one where nothing else matters around you and then that’s when I knew what I was creating is what I was trying to express.

I started to think how these images represented the positive and negativity of my life in lockdown. For me, I felt the more light represented in the photo marked the positive days at home and the greater the shadow in the images represented the negative days and that’s how this little project got up and started.

I can see this project growing and I’m looking forward to seeing what shapes I get from around the house over the next couple of months, that is if the sun ever decides to return!

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